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Creating a Global Brand for an International Startup


Re-position company & align new market strategy with newly developed messaging and look.


Understand the competition and client differentiators. Work with the team and rework corporate messaging to focus on audience shift. Develop new marketing communications plan. Re-design communications tools and website.


We shifted our typical branding approach for this client primarily because they had already started the initial competition research. However, we did work in the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) to ensure that we were all on board with the direction we would be taking the new messaging.

Based on the new direction we created the new company overview and backgrounder, then designed the new face of the company which was first showcased in the website re-design. These elements being a springboard for all the new marketing assets, press releases and advertising we have been creating.

Graphics and icons are now in the same style for all new material rather than the random collections gathered over years prior.

Getting the team on-board was easy. Once the team saw the new site and tools they were very excited to share this with their customers and then internationally to make all the translations for the new data rather than utilizing what they had originally created. This success was twofold: they were not only behind the new brand, they also wanted to re-create it for their region! Sometimes getting everyone to drink the kool-aid is tough. What we try to impart to all our clients is that everyone is responsible for the company brand, not just marketing. We call this a huge success as everyone in the company embraced this new positioning and brand.


Due to new messaging and SEO efforts in the new website, traffic increased 40% in just two months showing over 10,000 impressions and over 960 clicks from new visitors.

Content is now focused on target audience shift new company positioning so there is no confusion when bringing new audience to the site!

Public Relations
Providing PR within client budget allowed us to use some basic tools the greatly improved visibility. Based on the first five press releases.
Awareness from news alert distribution went from immediate internal contacts list to:
On-line Impressions (depending on release) from: 50,000 – 300,000
Reads range from: 600 – 2,500
On-line pick-ups from: 77 – 360
Traffic to site from releases: 50 – 195 (as there were no "hooks" but purely announcement material, this is good for a company just pushing a release to the industry.
Score - 100% new awareness from previous process and distribution.

Look and feel
More modern, clean, high-end. Who ever said technology couldn't look marvelous?!!