Social Media In The B-B Market

Fall 2013

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There are a lot of social media and in-bound marketing tools available to businesses today. However we recommend businesses select only a few of the best options specific to their market. For any company who's sole focus is Business-Business relations, we suggest the following:

Twitter – You'll find a lot more businesses and execs on this platform than any other. Google monitors "social signals" and indexes (finds and lists) most links shared on Twitter in 24-48 hours. #SEOSuccess

Create a Content Marketing Strategy – This can be as simple as 1-3 blog posts per week that are shared via Twitter and LinkedIn with a built in rinse and repeat cycle.

Basic Content Marketing is great for SEO because Google "sees" frequent updates. In addition, basic content marketing drives thought leadership, engages website visitors, builds brand engagement in the form of comments and can be socially syndicated forever.

Create an Inbound Marketing Strategy - This can be part of any marketing program which drives people back to the website.

Setup a business page and profiles for all staff members on LinkedIn - Join targeted groups and post blog content, answer questions, become a thought leader on this high-growth, business-focused platform.

Create A Presence and Upload PowerPoint Presentations with SlideShare - It's owned by LinkedIn and a paid Pro Account will drive much more targeted traffic than a Facebook page.


Setup a business YouTube channel - Populate with company and product videos Creativity is in the eye of the beholder, however, building a professional video with a good story should include a professional voiceover and or actors, animation, etc. This will represent a much more polished company image and will pay off in the end.

In the end, the goal is awareness, driving potential clients to the website and of course, sales.

The Cisco website is a perfect example of how to drive clients to the website and keep them there with social media. Cisco has colonized all their social media streams onto one landing page so users can see all the news they want in one area. Users can comment right on that page rather than leaving to go to one or several different URLs. Now that's just smart.

Since we've mentioned some tools that work best in the Social Media B-B Market, we feel it's pertinent to also note a couple tools that do not work well in this arena.

Blogging - We DON'T recommend blogging to businesses that don't have the team and time to write and monitor on a daily basis. It can actually hurt rather than help.

Facebook - This platform is designed for consumers, not businesses.
First of all Facebook is not content driven, it's advertising driven. Businesses large or small must advertise consistently to connect with, and build a community of any size.

Unfortunately, their analytics leave much to desire and do not deliver in depth diagnoses. It's much more complicated than Google's analytics.

Lastly, Facebook's algorithms are highly optimized for images so businesses end up competing with every individual sharing and uploading their personal posts.

Again, the end goal is driving website traffic, awareness and ideally, sales. When these tools and strategies are utilized accordingly, any business can expect successful results.

In our team of pros, Lee Traupel brings over 25 years of socially engaging, content-driven expertise to Spin66 Studio. If your business needs help gaining a Social Media presence, please contact us.

Written by Lee Traupel and Charlene Moore