Confusing The Brand

Fall 2013

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Knowing when a brand extension is just not a good thing.
Have you ever seen an old brand you are very familiar with and then find that same brand is marketing a product that doesn't fit with what we have come to know as their company focus?

We found a few fun samples that are some of our top picks. A reminder to us all that adding random unrelated items to a collection of products can really confuse the market base.

#1 - Ben-Gay Aspirin

Ben-Gay Aspirin

Since Ben-Gay has been on the market, they have been known as a great topical crème for relieving aches and pains. But the thought of ingesting a Ben-Gay product just didn't fly for the consumer.

#2 - Colgate Kitchen Entrees

Colgate Dinner Entres

Sound refreshing? Do all the meals taste like mint? Not sure what they were thinking but doing a bit of market testing would have been a good idea before launching this product.


#3 - Bic Underwear for Women

Bic Underwear

Known for it's disposable razors, lighters, pens, and underwear?

Maybe they were going to run a campaign that for every package of pens you bought, you would also receive a pair of underwear?
This was too far off of their product category.

#4 - Harley Davidson Perfume and Aftershave

Ok, first thing that comes to mind is long road trips, dirt from the road, beer, cigarettes and possibly some trouble… The thought of clean-shaven and good smelling is simply not something that comes to mind with the brand Harley Davidson. I wonder if it failed because it didn't smell like a hundred miles of the open road?