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Fall 2013

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Inside Spin66 Studio

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?

Lee Traupel shares his insights and some interesting statistics around Social Media advertising for B-B.
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Team News

Spin66 Studio adds new team member, Lee Traupel as their Social Web Programs Executive.

Lee Traupel brings over 25 years of socially engaging, content driven expertise to Spin66 Studio and will be focusing on long-term social web programs including: program strategy, socially driven campaign development, measurable in-bound marketing, and brand awareness campaigns. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss improving your social web strategy and which platform(s) are best for your business - social@spin66studio.com

New Tools to Benefit Our Clients

Simplify your work!

Every month Spin66 Studio is highlighting our top selection for relevant marketing and or business apps. You can find this in the lower section of our website.

Our past three selections include:
Concur Expense Reporting & Travel App
Keep track of your expenses and stay productive on the go. Large and small businesses can easily track business travel and manage expense reports anytime – from anywhere – with Concur.

The most popular translator App.
With the new iTranslate you can now translate words, phrases and text in over 70 languages. Use voice recognition to type and listen to translations using text-to-speech. Select between different dialects, male and female and even control the speaking rate.
Available on iPhone & Droid

Easy time and expense keeping for Mac, PC, iPad & iPhone. Sync devices seamlessly!
Available on PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad

Confusing The Brand

What does Ben-Gay, Colgate, Bic and Harley Davidson Have in common?

Hint - they have all had some pretty interesting product ideas outside of their existing brand model.
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The Style Of The Unoriginal

Today it seems like everyone "borrows" one-another's ideas. Recognized, successful business models appear to be the key targets of this phenomenon.

However, what happens when you go toe-to-toe with your competitor and copy everything about their product model and marketing? A perfect example of this is Toms® and Bobs shoe brands.

In 2006, Toms shoes came up with this great idea to create a shoe out of natural materials touting an environmental feel. The marketing program surrounding these shoes also integrated a give back program – for every pair of shoes you buy, one is donated to a child in need. Now they also help with eye care for children in need. From the beginning they have been transparent about the donation program and it's been a huge success.

Four years later, Sketchers® shoe company took notice of the Toms program and thought it was such a good idea that in 2010 they decided to create the exact same shoe style and marketing program. They did not simply do something similar to the Toms brand, to keep an element of their own unique style. They copied every detail from the shoe style, to the donation program, even the similar three letter male name, Bobs.

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