We broke up with Facebook + We feel good about it.
Here's why.

Fall 2014

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We left Facebook for one simple reason : it isn’t a useful social platform for businesses who provide complex services, like us. Facebook is instrumental for businesses selling a product. But when that product isn’t something that can be expressed with a few of lines of content and a picture, Facebook ads are limiting and inorganic. Furthermore, while our other social media pages were growing connections consistently, our Facebook page failed to gain a significant following. In our opinion, Facebook is a money pit filled with the time spent to manage and the advertisements needed to reach a larger audience.

Spin66 Studio Web Programs Executive, Lee Traupel notes, “This platform is designed for consumers, not businesses… Facebook is not content driven, it's advertising driven. Businesses large or small must advertise consistently to connect with, and build a community of any size”.

Our services, like many other businesses services, are tailor fitted to each client. We feel that our social media connections should reflect this by touching on a vast array of topics that relate to our unique audiences. So with this in mind, advertising a singular, blanket statement not only limits our message, it may only appeal to one type of audience.

Additionally, “…Facebook’s algorithms are highly optimized for images so businesses end up competing with every individual sharing and uploading their personal posts”, says Traupel.

Businesses who sell goods do very well with ads on Facebook because the message applies to 100% of their audience. For example, Starbucks utilizes Facebook ads to promote different drinks, but the message is always the same, which is - ‘come in and try our new drink or get your forever favorite’, their audience loves the ad no matter what. For businesses like ours : how do we make the most of our audiences attention? Not with Facebook.


Written by Samantha Ray