Spin66 Studio Circular

Fall 2014

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Inside Spin66 Studio

This year has been especially busy for the Spin66 Studio team. We started off 2014 with a bang, by building a brand new responsive website for ourselves. After that, it was off to the races.


Check out the new Casa Rosa site here!
Check out the new Williams Gate Works site here!


Team News

Spin66 Studio adds new team member, Constance Semler, as their Content Strategist.

An accomplished generalist, Constance dives deep into the areas of content strategy, content marketing, and branding. Content is a valuable business asset. As a trusted adviser, Constance helps clients evaluate when and where to invest in new content and how to manage their existing content.

“With Spin66 Studio, I've been reunited with people I love working with, plus new clients I wouldn't have encountered otherwise. For our Cali-based natural health client, we've brought a more conversational and storytelling approach to their content. When you have a great product, the point is not to proclaim all the ways that it's great, but to connect on a personal level with your audience, even in B2B. That's even more critical for high-tech, which is something unique Spin66 Studio brings to the table. My goal for the future is to help Spin66 Studio clients think more strategically about their marketing content, getting more mileage out of it while keeping it fresh and consistent. That takes planning and insight up front. It's not easy to convince clients of the value of that planning, but we can show them financially and operationally that it makes sense.”

- Constance Semler

We broke up with Facebook + We feel good about it. Here's why.

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Responsive Websites are a Must-Have

Here at Spin66 Studio, we take on a large array of marketing, design & communications projects. Usually the projects we take on each year vary in application based on our multitude of services. However, this year we have been very busy due to a spike in our clients’ need for having responsive websites.

Why is this trend a must-have for everyone?
As more and more time goes on with smartphones & tablets on the market, they have quickly become the norm. Today, a user is equally likely to be viewing your website on one of these devices in addition to the mainstay desktop browser. A responsive website fitted to the exact screen your looking at is the future of web design, absolutely.

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App of the Month Review

It’s been a while. So we’re highlighting what we think are the five most useful, fun and sleek apps from our App of the Month section. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Remember everything
Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

The World’s Best Photo Editor

Easy online invoicing.
We love this app online in the office and on the go!

Teamwork, Simplified.
Organize your tasks, plan your projects, share your documents and sync with your team, without email.

Best Local Files & Cloud Manager App and Documents reader for iPhone & iPad now with passcode protection for your files!