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Summer 2013

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Inside Spin66 Studio

New Service Offerings

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Re-introducing Event Productions
  • Photography Enhancement 

New Tools to Benefit Our Clients

  • Simplify your work! Every month Spin66 Studio is highlighting our top selection for relevant marketing apps. You can find this in the lower section of our home page. Prior three selections include:
    • Apps Gone Free
    • QR Reader
    • Event Espresso
  • PR Tools - Helping our clients to get stories out to the right people at the right time. Click here to find out more! 

Recent Client Projects
You can view many of these projects via our Portfolio page.

Spin66 Studio produced three video productions for CipherCloud. You can view most of these now here.

The Platform Video - This happened to be one of our more detailed productions which icluded professional voiceover and script, development of a 4D environment, 4D graphics animation, green screen video and music.

We were thrilled to work with Derek Fredrickson on this production. He has worked on shows such as Burn Notice, Legit, Rizzoli & Isles, and many more. The man has a ton of talent!  

Say Yes to the Cloud with CipherCloud - A kid video developed for the website and the RSA event in the Bay Area. Shot on-site at CipherCloud.


The Company Video - professional actress filmed in our EastCoast studio in green screen, also stock video, script, editing, music. 

Spin66 Studio worked with the team on the re-brand and new positioning of company. All new website, graphics, collateral templates and other brand templates.

Additionally we are the Marketing Agency of Choice supporting all their marketing and Public Relations activities.

New website design and development.

New website design and development.

A logo for the 2013 Sportability Event in Italy with participants from Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. Designed by one of our amazing designers based out of Italy, Craig Cornell.

Brochure design by Craig Cornell - Italy office.

Brochure design by Craig Cornell - Italy office

Mobile Advertising Basics

Thinking of integrating mobile advertising into your marketing programs? This article is a brief overview of how it works and some good options to get your feet wet with a few trial programs.

Primarily what should be noted is that the environments and regulations between mobile carriers, devices and operating systems drastically vary...

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Custom or Canned? Which is Right for Your Business?

Custom designed websites with an integrated brand strategy versus
Canned websites without a plan or unique brand strategy - the choice affects the way your business appears and operates online.

Today businesses large and small need to decide how to make an impact. While social media sites may be the current trend to gain a visible following and get your message heard, having a company website is ultimately the epicenter of the business and it's brand.

In the constantly evolving internet realm there are an astounding number of live web pages that anyone can visit. A study conducted by WorldWideWebSize.com stated that, as of July 2013, there are over 4.45 billion web pages. So the question is posed: How do you make your website stand out and what is the best choice when designing and developing a site? Custom or canned?

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