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Summer 2015

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Busy as ever & loving it!

We’re growing and ready to take on more, exciting, and new challenges. We love small businesses and startups that just need some marketing help to conquer the world. However we’ve done our fair share of pro bono projects and are glad to see more and more of these businesses that actually have enough steady success that they are starting to grow those marketing budgets. It seems today that the underdog startup is who people root for. With all the crowdfunding sites, like Kickstart, out there for ventures of all kinds, we are officially in the age of the startup. We hear from a young business or startup almost every year in need of our help, and these last months have been no exception. We can't wait to see what will come our way next.

You're in save mode, but you still need a creative agency, or do you?

As prices of just about everything seem to be constantly climbing, many of us are in save mode. However more often than not, this blinding fervor to save money can be crucially detrimental to the end goals of your business. In this article we illustrate how being in save mode can affect your dealings with a creative agency. If you’re already on board with an agency?how should you proceed to get the most bang for your buck? Or, if you think you’re ready to hire a creative agency, make sure your company doesn’t encompass the three most common save mode warning signs we see. You might not be as ready as you thought. Businesses in save mode means a great number of things that have the power to negatively affect everyday internal functions and relationships with outside vendors. This unfortunate down side of what is originally intended to garnish growth can end up fueling failure.

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Branding : Deciding Whether to be a House of Brands or a Branded House.

By definition of the Business Dictionary, branding is “the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.” A branded presence can be achieved through a plethora of channels, and in this article we aim to help businesses understand what branding is and how to approach it successfully. Furthermore, to establish when it’s right to lead with the company brand or the product brand(s) - AKA - to be a branded house or a house of brands. Beyond this, no matter what the brand revolves around, strategy is everything, and there have been many triumphs and tribulations to take note of. Make sure your branding efforts don’t fall under the tribulations category by absorbing some branding advice from Spin66 Studio founder, Charlene Moore.

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