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Winter 2014

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Back in 2013 Spin66 Studio issued an article illuminating the positives and negatives of owning traditional software versus "renting" on the cloud. Though we were resistant to the idea at first, moving to the cloud has been a positive change overall.

We made the decision to switch our mainstay softwares to the cloud last year, and we're loving it! Although continually paying a monthly price is costly in the long run, cloud software is constantly being upgraded and updated. When we are always operating on the most current version of everything, it simply feels more streamlined and up to date. This decision has been beneficial for us, and when we benefit, our clients benefit.

If you're wondering what business steps you should take in 2015, look into moving to the cloud.

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Coming Soon

Coming soon this Spring, Spin66 Studio will be including a marketing comic strip in each issue of our quarterly newsletter. As we trudge forward into 2015, we want to break up the craziness and frustration that can come with being swamped. A fun comic that will illustrate the plights and adventures of marketing will do just the trick.

Stay tuned for the first strip this Spring!


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Slack is a platform for team communication: everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.

if this then that
Put the internet to work for you.

Post-it Plus
Take the momentum from your collaboration sessions and keep it rolling.


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