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April 29, 2010
8:00am EST (USA), 2:00pm CET (Europe)

Spin66 Studio works with venerable Santa Cruz Merchant for the 30th Anniversary and Awards Announcements.


Santa Cruz, California, USA ? Spin66 Studio, a marketing communications and design agency whose focus is raising business brand awareness and strengthening client market positioning, works with longtime local Santa Cruz business Camouflage, to announce the 30th anniversary of their brand and their awards in the "2010 Best of" category in the Good Times paper of Santa Cruz.

Spin66 Studio has been involved with Camouflage in various capacities spanning the previous twelve years for events, fashion shows, relations, advertising and marketing strategy. Their story is a great one. It was the people of Santa Cruz who shaped the nature of the business itself and the owners were wise enough to note what was selling and why. It represents a true success story of testing the market and meeting the needs with something unique. In a recent interview, Joan Levine and the new owners, Ken and Shannon cover the whole story. You can read it here -

About Camouflage

Camouflage is an intimate apparel, clothing, and adult oriented retail store located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz, California. Since 1980, Camouflage has been a fun, sex-positive, and inclusive space that has provided customers a safe environment to explore and learn more about their sexuality, sexual practices and sensuality. Camouflage is dedicated to providing an extraordinary shopping experience, creating a unique space where beauty and health meet in an empowering way. Exceptional customer satisfaction is always guaranteed through first-rate sales associates, and providing a safe and validating space to explore new fashions and unique possibilities for personal and partner oriented pleasure.

About Spin66 Studio

Spin66 Studio is a marketing communications and design agency. We help companies bring awareness to their brand and strengthen their position in the marketplace. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California and founded in early 2005 Spin66 Studio has worked with more than thirty companies in everything from brand strategy and development, marketing strategy, communications, product launches, marketing programs. For more information visit Spin66 Studio at
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"After working on so many different projects with Camouflage over the years, we were honored to be involved in this noteworthy celebration and announcement."

? Charlene Moore, Owner of Spin66 Studio


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