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June 22, 2011
8:00am EST (USA), 2:00pm CET (Europe)

Spin66 Studio Designs and Launches the New Website Brand for Zig Zag Asian Collection.


Santa Cruz, California, USA ? Spin66 Studio, a marketing communications and design agency whose focus is raising business brand awareness and strengthening client market positioning, today announces the launch of their client web site - Zig Zag Asian Collection.

A site where East meets West - Zig Zag Asian Collection has a spirit its own. It is a combination of wearable fashion, accessories, jewelry, ethnic artifacts and a genuine love for traditional craftsmanship that reflect the colors, textures and styles of Nepal, India and Thailand.

Zig Zag Asian Collection works with family businesses, small workshops, women's collectives and cottage industries while also supporting better environmental practices and the application of responsible methods of production. The company focuses on promoting sustainability in all countries of origin.

Zig Zag Asian Collection was established in 1998 in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California and is exclusively a wholesale company. Their grass roots efforts in sustainable productions, supporting the artisans and the communities in which they work, and providing unique, quality crafts to customers has proven to be a successful model. Their motto - "There is nothing like a dream to create a better future for us all." Their vision - "To benefit everything within our power and reach."

After meeting some of the artisans that Zig Zag Asian Collection works with, along with their support and work with Non Profits such as - The Mountain Institute, Himalayan HealthCare, Inc., and The Spiral Foundation, has made Spin66 Studio not only thrilled but honored to be involved with this unique entity.

The new website build has been structured to meet the current and near future operational processes and growth plan while also putting forth their new brand in a way that also reflects their philosophy, values and the fine products they sell. The site serves the purpose of a wholesale catalog rather than a more generic canned storefront, and is truly in alignment with their custom approach to business across the board.

Additionally Spin66 Studio has built in the initial SEO elements and will be continuing with these organic optomization efforts moving forward. Zig Zag Asian Collection already has over one hundred and fifty retail stores across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Virgin Islands, so the direct and repeat visits to the site are showing already. That said, we were happy to see that through the initial SEO efforts the percentages of direct versus the organic and referral statistics were something to take note of - search engines running at 50% of all traffic and referring at 38%. For a newly launched site, we are very pleased at the results and opportunity this site shows for solid SEO growth potential.

Spin66 Studio has worked with Zig Zag Asian Collection on select projects since it's inception, including buying trips in Nepal and Thailand, marketing and strategy, their initial start in trade show participation, photography, website design, and are now the agency of choice for managing and hosting the website.

To view the new website, visit

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"Charlene Moore and Spin66 Studio have come to the rescue! Her ability to "see" our needs and wants has changed our website to the professional, customized, easy-to-manouever and fun platform we had envisioned. Thank you!"

Afrid Devos-Ghoffrani, Owner - Zig Zag Asian Collection


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