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July 20, 2016
8:00am EST (USA), 2:00pm CET (Europe)

Spin66 Studio Selected as Agency of Choice for New Client Startup Opal Lane.

Spin66 Studio proudly takes on the title 'Agency of Choice' for new client, Opal Lane, founded by Linda Kahler. Linda  has dedicated over 30 years in the natural goods industry and has really helped shape where it is today. Moving into the next phase, Linda’s new venture will help other companies expand boundaries and gain stronger momentum through cultivating purpose driven organizations. Spin66 Studio is working closely with Linda in the launch of her new business, Opal Lane and partnering closely in creating the Opal Lane Exchange, a CSR resource pool for companies. We are genuinely exstatic about this coallition of forces because Opal Lane does work that matters beyond the here and now.


Santa Cruz, California, USA – Spin66 Studio, a marketing communications and advertising agency whose focus is raising business brand awareness and strengthening client market positioning, today announces that startup Opal Lane has selected Spin66 Studio as their agency of choice.
Recently, to get the business started up, Spin66 Studio established the preliminary efforts into Opal Lane's branding and website design and development. This included; logo design, business card design, initial messaging, positioning and brand strategy. The first generation website can be seen here.

Moving forward Spin66 Studio will be continuing to tackle branding, positioning, strategy, expansive website design and development. Additionally Spin66 Studio is proud to announce its Corporate Social Resposibility alliance partnership with Opal Lane. Together we aim to tackle the never-ending struggle that businesses face in sustainability and social responsibility. Working to aid our planet and all of the life which inhabits it, is a primary factor for the business we conduct and we love to see our clients holding the same values.

About Opal Lane & Founder Linda Kahler

Opal Lane is a new model consultancy firm focused in cultivating purpose driven organizations. Opal Lane's three keys to helping cultivate purpose driven organizations are; alignment, performance culture, and attainment. Aligning vision, strategy and structure, creating a strong sense of community and shared purpose within a company, and tapping into the passion from each and every contributor is at the heart of Opal Lane's initiatives for all of its clients.

Linda Kahler is Principal and founder of Opal Lane LLC, based in Santa Cruz, California. Linda is an accomplished and celebrated strategist, leader, mentor, motivator, and advocate. She was inducted into the Hall of Legends by New Hope Natural Media in 2014 and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Nutritional Business Journal (NBJ) at the NBJ Summit in 2015.

Much of Linda’s recognition in the industry is a result of her 30 years of leadership at Rainbow Light® during which she led the company to become one of the natural supplement industry’s premier, innovative brands. The company exceeded market trends throughout her tenure, with an average annual growth rate of 17%.

Linda has been a guiding force in creating and setting the bar in natural health and wellness CPG. Her work at Rainbow Light delivered landmark industry innovations that spanned four decades, ranging from category-making products garnering numerous industry awards and #1 consumer ranking to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability milestones, which Linda identified as the natural platform progression for leadership within the health and wellness arena.


About Spin66 Studio

Spin66 Studio is a marketing communications and design agency. We help companies bring awareness to their brand and strengthen their position in the marketplace. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California and founded in early 2005 Spin66 Studio has worked with more than thirty companies in everything from brand strategy and development, marketing strategy, communications, product launches, marketing programs and much more. For more information visit Spin66 Studio at and follow us on Twitter.

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"We are so honored to be working with a natural products industry icon and woman who has really made some serious contributions where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is concerned. We are looking forward to great things from Opal Lane and Opal Lane Exchange."
- Charlene Moore, CMO, Spin66 Studio


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