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August 16, 2010
8:00am EST (USA), 2:00pm CET (Europe)

Spin66 Studio Donates Website with a Cause.


Santa Cruz, California, USA ? Spin66 Studio, a marketing communications and design agency whose focus is raising business brand awareness and strengthening client market positioning, is donating marketing services and a new website to local Santa Cruz non-profit group, SAGE-SC Neighbors, part of Santa Cruz Neighbors Organization.

After the brutal killing of Carl Reimer, a Santa Cruz youth, amazing surfer and friend to many of our nearby teens, the community in Santa Cruz was up in arms and determined to do something about the rise in gang terrorism affecting all parts of the city.

A positive loitering event put on by Take Back Santa Cruz at the site of the shooting enabled a group called the Santa Cruz Neighbors, which operates a bit like a well organized neighborhood watch group, to interact with concerned residents in the immediate area. Those willing to take a stand formed a new division of Santa Cruz Neighbors and began to immediately organize. This step in the process called for an active network and a web site seemed an ideal tool. Drawing on an acronym of street names in a designated watch area the group officially called itself SAGE-SC Neighbors. Spin66 Studio has taken an active role in this group and chose to donate time in all areas of marketing and to donate a website in order to bring awareness to the area that SAGE-SC Neighbors is covering. The positive difference has made the front pages of numerous papers, most recently, the Santa Cruz Sentinel with an article titled, "Santa Cruz residents reach a tipping point, take crime fighting into their own hands" and "Nightmare for neighbors: Archer drive a case study in empowerment over public nuisances".

Charlene Moore recently commented on the involvement with SAGE-SC Neighbors - "Creating communication tools and a website for the neighbors is the very least we could do. We are actively trying to make a difference and help to make our community a safer place. If everyone just got back outside to meet their neighbors and understand what is the norm in their own neighborhood, they can better identify what is suspicious. Since the unforgivable murder of Carl and many other youths, people in this area aren't hesitating when it comes to calling 911 when they see something suspicious. I've met with the 911call center recently and they reminded the attendees to call them for even non-emergencies with the note that the calls will be handled in the order of urgency."

You can see the new site at

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The SAGE-SC Neighbors site is dedicated in honor of Carl Reimer and Tyler Tenorio and all the other innocent lives taken by sensless and malicious acts of gang terrorism.

Rest in Peace.

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are all still savages."

Thomas A. Edison


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