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November 30, 2009
8:00am EST (USA), 2:00pm CET (Europe)

Spin66 Studio Announces New Partnership with High End Green Printing Solutions.


Santa Cruz, California, USA ? Spin66 Studio, a marketing communications and design agency whose core focus is raising business brand awareness and to strengthen client market positioning, has selected a local and long term Santa Cruz print house, Sentinel Printers, as the printer of choice and partner for their internal and client print and packaging productions.

Over the past three years, Spin66 Studio has been working with their clients to steer their print productions towards greener paths. Part of their goal is to help not only reduce the carbon footprint but illustrate how they can attain the rich designs they desire along with high end packaging alternatives that seriously help in putting them towards the path of supporting the people, planet and profitability for all, as we all win when companies are environmentally responsible.

Spin66 Studio has found that some of the challenges for large companies have been in justifying the cost benefit, as well as the "high end" look they can get with a not so environmentally friendly alternative.

Spin66 Studio and Sentinel Printers have come together based on a shared belief that green production practice can be not only affordable but esthetically competitive with the environmentally unfriendly alternative. Additionally, Spin66 Studio is looking to work with companies in reporting the cost benefit of utilizing green processes.

Recent Project with Sentinel Printers -
Spin66 Studio and Sentinel Printers recently put their money where their mouth is and produced a two fold CD sleeve printed on 100% recycled paper, chlorine free, FSC Certified, 100% PCW., 100% renewable green energy. This was additionally printed using vegetable oils and VOC free inks. As a huge bonus to this entire project the client also arranged to put forth 1% of all their sales to the non-profit 1% for the Planet. The final product will serve as a client sample of environmentally friendly projects for both Sentinel Printers and Spin66 Studio.

About Sentinel Printers

Started in 1856, Sentinel Printers is one of the oldest consciously operated businesses in Santa Cruz. Their earth conscious approach is easy to incorporate into any print or packaging production. Inks completely vegetable based and free of volatile organic compounds (VOGs). Using FSC certified papers with the highest recycled contents.

About Spin66 Studio

Spin66 Studio is a marketing communications and design agency. We help companies bring awareness to their brand and strengthen their position in the marketplace. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California and founded in early 2005 Spin66 Studio has worked with more than thirty companies in everything from brand strategy and development, marketing strategy, communications, product launches, marketing programs. For more information visit Spin66 Studio at
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Spin66 Studio believes that reaching far beyond the traditional boundaries to achieve your company goals and marketing objectives is crucial for success and we are committed and will take the necessary steps to go there with our clients.

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