Spin The Web

Spin66 Studio has worked with all types of companies on the start to launch of a new website, to just the design or strategy development. We work in both open-source platforms and non-open source.

Web Strategy

Spin66 Studio works with companies to help determine the best strategy, tools and platform to meet the business current and future needs. From this we can build out a site map, content needs/strategy and timeline.

Website Design

Today it's very important that all design be responsive for everything from large screen monitors down tablets and mobile screen resolutions. All of Spin66 Studio designs today are responsive.

Our website design team is top flight. We have teams the focus in designing for open-source and non-opensource platforms.

If you are seeing only design, Spin66 Studio is happy to partner with the Marketing and Web departments to create the style that fits the vision. In this case, we are quite happy to provide a design template with the CSS code.


Once the strategy and design have been approved by the client, Spin66 Studio will start development and testing. During this time we also add in the initial meta tags, keywords and publish the xml sitemap.


Spin66 Studio does provide hosting and site management services.

Website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most businesses today rely on the web for their daily business interactions, sales and company awareness. Through great content, rich media and well organized campaigns a company can definitely raise awareness of a company website however that is really just a fraction of what needs to be done to keep a businesses page rankings at a level that is meaningful to a business.

Search engine optimization has always been multifaceted, even when doing the most organic of tactics. What it has never been is a one shot deal. It's not something once can simply set up and walk away from with the expectation that a page will rank somewhere in the top five pages of a search engine.

Spin66 Studio is offers initial set-up and on-going SEO services for our clients which include:

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Header and Meta Tag Relevancy
  • Submissions to over 40 Search Engines
  • XML Sitemap Generation with Monthly Updates as Needed
  • Search Engine Research Tools with Monthly Reporting and XML Sitemaps Submissions
  • Website Submissions to Local and International Directories
  • Business Directory & Maps
  • Social Media Set-Up
  • Optimized Content Driven Page Creation Specifically Developed to Help Drive Traffic

Additional Paid Programs

  • Ad Placement, Management and Ranking in various AdWord Programs
  • Mobile Ad Programs
  • Social Media Monitoring by Company and or Topic
  • Integrated Marketing Programs